What’s all this buzz about Drones & Innovation?

It seems like everything business related talks about this latest buzzword “innovation.”  You probably think why is innovation so important to me as a small local business?  I remember when Steve Baxter (Shark Tank & QLD Chief Entrepreneur) spoke at our opening launch about his startup business SE Net, he decided to invest in a high-tech machine to improve efficiency for him and his business partner this decision saw their business grow exponentially to eventually being sold to OzeMail for some crazy amount of money! (See Steve’s talk here) Innovation covers a realm of concepts everything from computer systems to robotics to drones.  we put together a pretty quick list about how business has adopted innovation over the years and how any business owner nowadays would be crazy to not consider the possibilities:

  • Retail shops > Ecommerce Stores
  • Market Stall holders > Wi-fi payment systems
  • Real Estates > Drone photography of properties
  • Farming & Agriculture > Drones for water management, animal observation
  • Pizza Shop, Taxi’s & Ubers > Ordering Apps

No matter if your business is big or small, innovation matters it can be the one thing that sets you above your competitors!

Community Cubed is super excited that the Fraser Coast Drones & Innovation Showcase 2019 will be held on Wednesday 19 June 2019 at the Brolga Theatre and Convention Centre located in Walker Street Maryborough, Queensland, Australia from 8:30am.  This event will help business owners, budding entrepreneurs, tech or drone enthusiasts to explore innovation differently.

The Fraser Coast Drone & Innovation Showcase 2019 is the first of its type in regional Queensland and seeks to position the Fraser Coast at the forefront of developing and capitalising on drone technology and applications to deliver long term, sustainable economic and community benefits.  We got the opportunity to speak to Jarrod Delahunty from the Fraser Coast Regional Council, his was looking forward to the exceptional guest speaker line up, highlighting that those who attend will be inspired to innovate in their business.

The Fraser Coast is recognised for its outstanding land and coastal environment and the event will showcase the region as an ideal location for drone technology, business innovation and recreational drone use, providing opportunities for UAV enthusiasts to view the area.

Guests can register for either half day theme, or both, for a small fee. The day will also see drone racing and demonstration activities.Here is the link to the website if you are keen to get along to this impressive event.

The conference aims to attract over 300 delegates from the region and nationally – local and state government representatives, local businesses, students and other drone enthusiasts from the region to enhance their knowledge on the application of drones.

We hope to see you there!