My Business Transformation Journey - Aroma Create 'n' Take

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My Business Transformation Journey - Aroma Create 'n' Take

Wow, talk about the world changing! What a shock, the government telling us that we can no longer gather together so we are safe from COVID-19. This has seen my Aroma Create ‘n’ Take business stop dead in its tracks! I can no longer continue my popular Aroma Jewellery Workshops that I have been running across the Fraser Coast.

So there go my workshops and there goes all of my revenue…

But that’s OK - I’m a tough cookie, I know I'll get through this. But how? I start thinking what can I do? Why not launch my Jewellery workshops online!

My first thought was how do I do this, I have no clue on how to create a website or let alone run a workshop through it!

Feeling blessed with friends encouraging me that I can transform my business, even people offering to help me build a business website. I have been so grateful for the support that people have offered me and my business during this difficult time. However I turned them down because I knew this quiet time was an opportunity for me to learn new skills so I can learn how to transform my business more successfully.

As a member of Community Cubed collaboration shop, I was made aware of the new Business Accelerator program that was being trialled over 6 weeks. The program is aimed at helping small business owners like myself to transform their business and ideas to become more sustainable and embrace technology. I could not wait to get my application in and start learning (poor Jill the Business Manager from Community Cubed had to calm my excitement).

I was so excited to get started on the program and improve my business, with Week 1 challenging us participants to write a Blog or record a Vlog. I have never written a BLOG before so this was a definitely a challenge taking me into a whole new world of digital marketing. I know stepping out of my comfort zone, will really help me to launch my new digital business where I will sell my Aroma Jewellery and host online Aroma Jewellery Workshops. I am hoping this new direction will help my business flourish and see customers from around the world take part in my little business.

While I’m waiting for life to get back to some sort of reality, I am learning and creating a new side of my business to get these workshops and my Aroma Create & Take online shop up and running. So I can share my Aroma Jewellery and the art of making it with many people.

By bringing my Jewellery workshops online I can bring people back together, connecting families, friends and communities through creativity which is really important to me and is one of the reasons I began Aroma Create ‘n’ Take.

So thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed? Please keep following my Business Accelerator Journey; I will be blogging a bit more about my digital business transformation and how my small business is adjusting to a changing world.

Wear your Oils in Style! 

Kathi Saal from Aroma Create 'n' Take


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  • Joanne

    Awesome work, Kathi! It’s just like you to take a negative and turn it around. Good luck moving your business to the next level.

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