How I turned my Hobby into a Biz by Sarah Lowry | Totally.

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How I turned my Hobby into a Biz by Sarah Lowry | Totally.

Written by Sarah Lowry, owner and designer, Totally.
Visit her blog at The Accidental Start up

Welcome, friends!

My name's Sarah. I'm the owner, designer and linen/bag/coffee and champagne-obsessed face behind Totally., my business which creates handmade bags, purses and (hopefully one day soon) home wares made from sustainably-sourced, natural, organic fabrics. The business which I started 6 months after I first sat in front of a sewing machine. EVER.


Lets be honest, linen is the bees knees!


But before we get into things, I just want to say wooooo! thank you so much for stopping by my page 'the accidental start-up'. I had my doubts whether anyone (besides my mum) would read it! So #winning already!

A little about me..

I'm easy-going, friendly, an unapologetic feminist who loves nothing more than sitting around gabbing with girlfriends about the daily grind or scheming to have a night out without children or husbands (pre-COVID-19 of course!). I'm fiercely protective of my 2 daughters, one of whom is now a teenager, and most-days I feel lucky to be married to my husband who I met at a nut-and-bolt mixer during my first week at uni, legit.

Check me out at my first market stall. Ever.

What is the 'accidental start-up'?

A blog. What actually is a blog? Blogs have been around for yonks, but I've only recently discovered that a blog is just a page on a website. Pretty simple huh? Anyway, each week on my blog you'll hear about how one day I decided to buy a second-hand sewing machine off Gumtree and see if I could sew. And guess what, I couldn't! But more about that later.

my blog = the accidental start-up

Is this blog for you?

Do you....

  • have a feeling, a creative itch to scratch, that you want to try something...explore or develop a side of you that you haven't allowed yourself the time to dip into, and you want a real, honest account of what you're in for, while having a laugh and getting a few bits and pieces of advice along the way?
  • fan-girl over lady bosses like Zoe Foster-Blake, Mia Freedman and Roxy Jacenko?
  • spend your day deciding if its either too late to drink coffee or too early to start drinking champagne?
  • appreciate a well-placed f-bomb?
No such thing as perfect timing, just begin.

And... FINALLY, do you wake suddenly in the middle of the night, realising that you're 6 hours away from another day of home school or care for one/multiple children in the midst of a global pandemic, whilst also "Working From Home" (I've used air quotes intentionally here..)? NB: We're only 2 days into our WFH/homeschooling arrangement, and it already feels like some sort of cruel and unusual social experiment!

How do you get involved in the accidental start-up?

  • Comment! Comment! Comment! Sorry, did I mention comment? I'd love to hear from you. What you think of our the weekly content, what your own experiences have been, or if you have any topics you'd like to know about. Please send them through via ?????
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Sarah xo


  • Sarah

    Hey Cheryl,
    Thanks so much! It’s scary and uncomfortable to challenge ourselves – but in the end we want to make an impact, so here goes! Sarah xo

  • Cheryl virgo

    Well done Sarah! I love your “thinking outside of the square” attitude. Wishing you every success, Cheryl Virgo

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