Getting out of my Comfort Zone! Melanie Bragg

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Getting out of my Comfort Zone! Melanie Bragg

Written By Melanie Bragg (Business Accelerator)

Do you ever feel like you’ve settled on choices in life that didn’t feel right for you? Or perhaps you’ve found a comfort zone that you enjoy to reside in most days, but occasionally get the feeling that you were meant for bigger things.

Hello all, I am Mel and I am definitely the above. Today is my first attempt to write a Blog as a participant in the Business Accelerator journey with Community Cubed. To be honest I was challenged by this exercise, and didn’t really know where to start, considering I don’t even have a business…. well just yet!

Lately, I have been wondering if I have been a bit too comfortable with my life for a 26 year old. I thought this blog would be a perfect opportunity to share my thoughts about taking a step in a NEW direction when you are feeling uncertain with your current path.


A little bit about me: I’m a creative, problem solver who thrives on personal development, nature, real connections and helping others!  Throughout my career I have experienced a diverse range of management and leadership roles including Customer Service Management and the role of a National Training Manager.

I have also worked in small business management, sales, event hosting, social media marketing, modelling, banking and more… YET I have still struggled immensely to find the “perfect career” where I can thrive.




**As mentioned before, this is my first time attempting to write a Blog - and I am really not sure if I am on the right track? My partner told me I’m not a real blogger unless I tell you a bit about myself and drink wine whilst doing it** So it appears that I have an in-house blog expert, personally I think he has watched way too many Sex and the City re-runs! At least he got me some wine to help me write about this journey with business accelerator <3



Why the Business Accelerator course?

The reason I’ve joined this course is because I’d like to find a more fulfilling pathway. A pathway I can be passionate about and feel that my workplace abilities will be put to better potential and are valued.

I would love to incorporate some more of my values into this new direction including, learning new skills, creativity, connection, helping others, networking, power and freedom- just to name a few.

“So what’s been stopping me?” you may ask… Well, despite being an international swimwear model and obtaining a stereotype that I probably have “like ALOT of confidence!” the truth is quite the opposite.

I consider what has been holding me back to be my own confidence in believing I am good enough to venture into an unknown area and be able to succeed on my own… having guidance, feedback and mentors along this path could be the difference between staying in a safe zone or taking a new leap for me!

My Beliefs

I personally love working on becoming the best version of myself. If you had a look at my book collection – self development is the obvious topic.
Following life coaches such as Tony Robbins, Will Smith and Richard Carlson it isn’t hard to see that they don’t believe you find your true potential in your comfort zone.

“All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone” – Tony Robbins

My mental health journey has woke me up to the fact that - if I continue doing what I’ve always known, I’ll remain where I have always been.
Therefore, if I choose never to venture into the unknown due to fear, I am just accepting to remain where I have been unhappy for so long – and this I am just as fearful of… if not more.

My Journey, my choice?

With this in mind, I’d like to set a goal to choose an idea on this journey, but another challenge I face here… Is that I actually have no idea which direction I would like to take.

My Start-up Business Ideas....Help, what should I do?

Social Media Marketing - I have a knack for social media so I could start up a business helping others with their online presence as well as hosting workshops to teach people social media marketing skills!

Friendship app – I would like to create an app that connects people that have trouble meeting people in real life. This app would be similar to tinder in the way that it would enable individuals who would not normally get a chance to meet to connect via mutual hobbies and interests!

Virtual resume – Creating a web or app-based platform for the future of virtual resumes. I would like this to streamline and shakeup the way business’s hire employees and the way people sell themselves. It is also environmentally friendly – BONUS!

 Virtual resume example:

Check it out let me know if you would prefer this or a paper-based resume?

So where to from here?

I do wonder if it is the right move for me to focus on one of the above ideas or if they are potentially too big as they have some obvious roadblocks.

 Regardless of the choice I will also not be generating income for a substantial period. Which makes me question if this means I should take the social media business idea or attempt to find someone to work for so I am not overloaded with a business start up and put it off?

As you can see, it is all up in the air right now and what I am really hoping for is some advice. I would love if you could give me some feedback in the comments about a few of my thoughts:

  • Are apps even achievable given they require money, time and skills I do not have yet?
  • What would you do if you were in my shoes?
  • Does one idea stand out to you?
  • Would you personally use any of the ideas or see potential in them?
  • And lastly, I guess some of these ideas are quite complex, could I be biting off more than I can chew?
OR is this just me talking from my comfort zone?

You know… the place I wrote this blog about stepping away from because just maybe that COMFORT ZONE might not be as comfortable as you think... instead being just how much DISCOMFORT you are willing to put up with.

Thanks for following my journey. I hope you can be a part of this roller-coaster ride with me and share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks Mel :-)


  • Melanie bragg

    Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for commenting 😊
    I’m glad you like the idea. I am now exploring how to make apps with a business partner so hopefully something will come from one of these.

    Good morning Rose,
    Thank you for your support, im glad you like them too!
    That is what I hope to go for… unfortunately I wouldnt be able to get it out on the market as soon as I’d like (through this pandemic) but the free time has allowed me to even just explore this as an option which is a good start.

    I will keep you both posted with which direction I end up taking.

    Thank you both again for taking the time to comment 💕


  • Michelle

    I like the idea of a friendship group. Most people dont know where to meet people and a lot of what is out there is for relationships. This can be quite confronting if you are wanting to just be friends. Sometimes however a genuine relationship may flourish from true friends. So why not a true blue friends sight with no bullshit lies just being who you are and meeting other fascinating people.

  • Rose Marie Nokes- Tafea

    All your ideas are great Mel. The virtual resume idea sounded interesting. With so many people out of jobs or maybe thinking of changing career paths- I thought your this was a good direction. Lots of people also don’t know how to write resumes or haven’t done one for a long time. You might find people in this current situation as businesses start to open up again and need something like this both applicants and small businesses.

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