Fraser Coast's 1st Online Marketplace for Local Business

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Fraser Coast's 1st Online Marketplace for Local Business

It's time to get excited Fraser Coast - we are bringing you a one stop shop for local business at our online marketplace! 

For those of you who are not familiar with Community Cubed we are a collaboration shop in Stockland Hervey Bay. Prior to COVID-19 temporarily closing our doors we were helping numerous local business and start-ups to showcase and sell their products in our space.  The last few weeks has been devastating to see the economic effects this pandemic has had on many local business owners, it is affecting everyone from retail shops to cafes, restaurants, clubs and even micro-business starting up their business ventures.  With no time frame to when this will all end and the possibility of social isolation becoming the norm we believe this is going to effect many businesses for more than just a few weeks. 

Over the last few weeks our team has noticed that many local businesses have simply had to close up their 'bricks and mortar' shops not only for safety reasons but the dramatic downturn in business meant it wasn't viable to pay wages. With no other form of selling products or services these shops are sitting wading out the storm.  Many of these shops would be able to continue at some capacity with the power of a website or app ordering system, but the costly investment to set up a system like this is now out of reach for many business owners.  The other downfall to business setting up an individual online store is getting traction, if a business only has that face to face connection with its customers how will it tell them they are now online? 

Today, we excitedly announce the development of our online marketplace for local Fraser Coast business and start-ups. The idea of the marketplace is to minimize the cost of getting business to sell online, whilst giving them the exposure to the local community through its collaborative approach.  The marketplace will work like any online shopping website, but each business will have the ability to set up there own seller site and sell their products or services offering delivery or pick up options to suit there type of business. 

Here are a few ways it can work:

  • The local coffee shop can sell its coffee & food items online with customers choosing to pick up from the cafe or if they deliver that option too!
  • Local retailers and artisans can use the power of the community to expand their customer base by selling through the marketplace. Online customers can search for art, jewellery, homewares and more to find all the local sellers with products that fit into a category.
  • Sellers can even host online workshops & events through the site providing interaction through services like Zoom & Facebook.

The ideas are endless and we are excited to work on ideas and concepts with local business to help them find new ways to help their business thrive through the marketplace concept. 

When are we launching, you ask?
Before the marketplace launches we need to ensure testing is thorough to make it an enjoyable experience for users.  We will be trialing this platform with 10 local  start ups and or existing business owners through our 6 week Start Up Accelerator program. This will be a free course open to members of the Fraser Coast community.  The idea of the program is to help entrepreneurs and business owners develop a business mindset that thinks outside of the box, which is more important than ever before.  The program is aimed at:

  • How to take a typical business and make it innovative
  • Creating scalable business models
  • How to take your big idea and start a business

Applications to be one of our first businesses on the Community Marketplace and participate in the Start-up Accelerator program are now open.  To find out more about the course or to apply you can visit our Start-up Accelerator Course here.

If you would like to have your business on the Community 3 Marketplace you can pre-register your interest below. You can also support the development and set up of this project through our online crowd-funding appeal.



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