Community3 Online Marketplace to help Local Fraser Coast Business

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Community3 Online Marketplace to help Local Fraser Coast Business

Community Cubed has started the Business Accelerator program and is on its way to launching the Fraser Coast’s first online Community Marketplace. Today I write this Blog as a bit of a welcome to our community and our 12 Business Accelerator participants to get everyone behind this great initiative to help support local business especially during this challenging time of COVID-19.

 For those of you not familiar with the Community Cubed project we are a social enterprise run by The Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre. We were established in 2018 to help support local business and start-ups to develop business ideas and provide affordable retail space through our retail shop in Stockland Hervey Bay. The last few weeks has seen an unfortunate turn on events, with us and many other retailers closing up shop to ensure safety of staff and customers during this unknown period of isolation. The ripple affect on this decision has seen the local start-ups and small businesses that sell their products through our shop lose a majority of their income. It has been really disheartening to see people’s livelihoods and dreams squashed in a matter of weeks. This really had us stop and think about what we could do for the little guys to help them survive through this challenging time and allow people to continue to support local business easily. So we dreamed up Community3 Online Marketplace.

 Our dream to develop a Community3 Online Marketplace has been perfectly aligned with the support of the Australian Government to host a Business Accelerator program over the next 6 weeks. We thought this was an ideal opportunity to provide participants who applied for the program the chance to launch their existing business or even a new business idea through the Community3 Online Marketplace. This program not only gives them this exposure of building an online presence but also will provide them an opportunity to develop their skills so they become more savvy business owners and learn to operate in the most difficult of times. At the end of the program the participants will launch their business through a video pitch through the Grand Opening of the Community3 Online Marketplace Community.

 So you are probably wondering why I am telling you this, well…we are wanting the community will get behind our marketplace and show their support through purchasing the products, or booking services or even investing in bigger ideas seeking crowd-funding support launched through the marketplace. We would also like the community to spread the word about the Marketplace concept to encourage other local businesses that are doing it tough or want to expand their business through an online presence. We want it to be the one-stop shop for the Fraser Coast community to source products and services from local business.

So how can you help us launch our Marketplace concept and get behind local business?

It would be great if you could follow our 12 participants and their 6-week journey through our Blog. Maybe you could share a post or two to your Facebook page and invite some friends to come and support the great things that are brewing up behind the scenes. We look forward to bringing you heartfelt posts written by our participants to tell you about the reality...that's right - the good, the bad and the ugly side of transforming or setting up a business. So please get behind these amazing people and show you support today, and follow the Community3 Marketplace story.

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