Balancing my Business with Business Accelerator! Michelle Jacobs I Balanced Energy Systems

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Balancing my Business with Business Accelerator! Michelle Jacobs I Balanced Energy Systems


I never dreamed I would be running my own business, let alone writing this blog. Coming from a background in nursing for 37 years, I certainly understand a lot about health. In my career, I witnessed many people in poor health and not getting better. I wanted a change, I wanted to be involved in a new system. More importantly, I wanted to know who I was and how I could do that. There was so much holding me back, mainly fears and lack of confidence. It was so frustrating. Then I found E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping. This system works on all your disempowering beliefs, from our life experiences and collapses them. 



I completed the course and practised the technique on friends. I was so inspired by the results for them and for myself. Parts of me were no longer stuck, my life and the lives of those around me were changing for the better.  So here I am running my small business Balanced Energy Systems and it's growing! 


I'm in this business to help as many people as possible, to help people reach their true potential. I have witnessed too many people suffer and my business journey is about helping others. My goal is to facilitate and inspire people to reach their true potential, remove the road blocks, open them up. I feel this is my path and my calling.

Community Cubed Business Accelerator program

Funded through the federal government's Regional Employment Trials Program, I been given an amazing opportunity to develop my business and improve my skills in digital marketing.

This course is providing me access to link in with inspirational mentors like Luke HumbleLiesl Phillipi from HerHub, Scott Millar and LeeLee West, assisting me to develop my skills across a range of digital learnings to enhance my business.


Contact me

I am available to see clients one-on-one and I also facilitate courses. Please check out my website for more information. Balanced Energy Systems and on Facebook Michelle's Psychic Readings in Hervey Bay.

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