Transform your business idea in 6 weeks

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Transform your business idea in 6 weeks

Apply to our FREE Start-up Accelerator Course start April 16th

Community Cubed invites you to apply to its online START-UP Accelerator program starting 16th April 2020. This free course is open to Fraser Coast start-ups & small business owners to help develop a business mindset that thinks outside of the box.  The program is aimed at:

  • How to take a typical business and make it innovative
  • Creating scalable business models
  • How to take your big idea and start a business

Course Objective

The program is a 6 week course that will be hosted through our website and 2 weekly Zoom sessions. Zoom sessions are not compulsory and will be recorded for later reference. Your program facilitator will be a constant point of contact, alongside a team of business mentors who will touch base each week on your progress. The program is designed to flexible to work around your schedule, so don't let this hold you back from applying.

At the end of the program each applicant will pitch their business idea through our online marketplace and video. The aim of the pitch is to launch your business idea to get traction through various leads such as product or service sales or crowd funding investment.

Applicants will require access to a computer and or smart device and internet. Only open to community members living within the Fraser Coast region.


Week 1 - Your Big Idea

Introduction to Start up Accelerator program
Meet other candidates using platforms like Zoom or Blog
Learn to think differently about business
Explore scalable business ideas
Working with the right people
Build your idea and assess you needs

Week 2 - Build a Plan

Learn about business finance 101
Budgets - Business & Personal
Who is your ideal customer?
Build your business networks
Learn business etiquette - writing professionally
Map out the nuts and bolts of your business

Week 3 - Make a first impression

Learn how to brand your business
Build a design guide
Create a business style guide
Learn simple DIY tricks to start your own in-house marketing
Create a marketing plan

Week 4 - Go digital

Learn how to use a variety of digital platforms that may benefit your business
We explore: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, Crowd Funding Pledge Me, Shopify Marketplace, Blogs, Google Business Pages
Set up your profile on our Community 3 Marketplace

Week 5 - Start Selling

Create a campaign to launch your brand
Explore free and paid marketing options
Build a customer loyalty program

Week 6 - Show & Tell

Learn the art of the pitch
Online video techniques
Collaborative marketing
Launch night - Community 3 Pitch fest



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